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The general terms inherent provides for the terms and conditions regulating the usage/access of DriveMaster Pro App. By using the services, you are to confirm your agreement to these terms. It must be noted that the DriveMaster Pro APP is designed to function as a platform to guarantee the comfort of transportation through ordering for commercial motorists/bikes, ordering for cabs and booking for airline tickets, all in one app called DriveMaster Pro. For you to enjoy the transportation services via the DriveMaster Pro platform, you must agree to the terms and conditions that will be provided below.


1. DriveMaster Pro SERVICES – Our services include provision and maintenance of DriveMaster Pro app, drive me platform, Customer support, In-app payment, Communications involving drivers, riders/motorcyclists, the passengers and other similar services.
2. DriveMaster Pro APP – A smart phone application for drivers, riders/motorists and passengers and flight ticket bookings.
3. DriveMaster Pro PLATFORM – Technology connecting passengers with drivers and riders/motorists coupled with convenient flight ticket bookings.
4. PASSENGER – The person requesting transportation services by using DriveMaster Pro platform.
5. DRIVER (otherwise referred to as you) – the person offering transportation services through the DriveMaster Pro platform. Each driver will get a personal DriveMaster Pro “driver” account to use DriveMaster Pro APP.
6. RIDER/MOTORIST – The person offering transportation services using motorcycle/bikes and by making use of the DRIVE- ME platform / DRIVR-ME APP. Each rider/motorist will get a personal DriveMaster Pro “rider” account.
7. Agreement – (driver/rider) this agreement between driver, rider and DriveMaster Pro regarding the use of DriveMaster Pro which consists of these terms
(a) The drivers and riders’ guidelines
(b) Other terms referred to this agreement as maybe amended from time to time.
(c) Payment/fares: DriveMaster Pro will not be liable for payment of applicable taxes and levies on drivers/riders where necessitated by law. The passenger is expected to pay the driver/rider for the provision of transport services. All charges and payments will be enabled by DriveMaster Pro using the most preferred payment methods transfer/online designated in the DriveMaster Pro account after which the receipt will be received via email.
(d) In-App payment – cards, carrier billing and other payment methods used by the passenger via the DriveMaster Pro APP to pay for the transportation services. Charges paid are final and non-refundable, unless otherwise determined by DriveMaster Pro. We reserve the right to determine final prevailing price.
(e) DriveMaster Pro DRIVER/RIDER ACCOUNT – this will be accessed through a website containing information and documents regarding usage of the DriveMaster Pro services in course of provision of transportation services.


(1) Prior to accessing the DriveMaster Pro services, you must sign up by providing the requested information and details as demanded in the website. You may sign up either as a legal or a natural person. Subsequently, successful completion of the sign-up application a “driver/driver” personal account will be provided, and it will be only accessible through “username and password”.
(2) It must be noted that pursuant to the above stated requirements, the following conditions must also be complied with,
(a) All the information presented to us are correct, accurate and complete.
(b) You will always keep the DriveMaster Pro driver/rider account updated as required.
(c) You will not authorize other persons to use your DriveMaster Pro account nor transfer or assign it to any other person.
(d) You will not use the DriveMaster Pro services for unlawful services and not frustrate regular operation of the DRIVER-ME services deliberately.
(e) You will always abide with all laws and regulations applicable in the state, local government you choose to operate but not limited to laws regulating passenger transportation services.
(f) You are compelled to provide your bank requisites while filing the payment details upon registration. If you are a legal person, you must insert the bank account of the company.
We will transfer In-App payment fees to the bank account that you have provided. We will not be liable for any incorrect money transactions in case you provided wrong or invalid bank details.
(g) You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account.
(h) You are entirely responsible for all activities that occur using your account or password.
(i) You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security and regularity.
(j) You must uphold our rights in the service, limited, non-transferable, personal right and license to use the service are granted.
(k) Cash payment methods are not allowed (cash on delivery included).
(l) You are encouraged to check back periodically as we may change the fees for our services as we deem necessary.
(m) You agree that once a request for transportation has been acknowledged by the passenger, such transportation can only be cancelled at the discretion of the passenger and such cancellations will be penalized.
(n) You agree that it is your responsibility to make sure that all information requiring your physical details are provided and are acknowledged to be true and correct.
(o) You agree that the platform, media and materials provide on the app including all intellectual property rights in the platform are the sole and exclusive property of us and its licensors.
(p) You agree that in our discretion and at any time terminate your access to the service with or without notice.
(q) You shall be fully liable for breach of the general terms, agreement or any other applicable laws or regulations.
(r) You shall not refuse payment by the passenger through the In-app payment/ electronic payment. Refusal to accept such payment without just cause will warrant contractual penalty of an undisclosed amount or terminate your right to use the DriveMaster Pro services.
(s) We are not under any obligation to pay you fare arising from the invalidity of payment from the passenger through card payment or other payment channels.
(t) You agree that before providing transportation, you must verify that the right passenger is provided for except the passenger outrightly and expressly confirms that any other passenger to ride under his/her account.
(u) If we are unable to pay you your deserved fees due to your indolence of not including your bank account details in your drivers/riders account or due to incorrect notification or documentation from our organisation, then, we will hold the payments for 90days. If you fail to notify us of the correct bank account details within90days from the date that the right to claim such payments have been confirmed, your claim regarding the payment of the fare not transferred to you shall expire.
(1) In case of campaigns or discount for passengers, if the fare to be paid by passenger is reduced as part of such promotions/campaigns, you shall be paid the compensation in correlation with the monetary value of such benefit. Offered to the passengers. You shall provide the transportation services in a professional manner in accordance with the business ethics and in line with the traffic act/laws.


This contract shall be governed in accordance with the law of the federal republic of Nigeria. If the respective dispute resulting from the general terms or agreement could not be settled by negotiations, then the dispute shall be resolved through arbitration pursuant to the arbitration conciliation act, laws of the federation 2004 and the rules of arbitration of the international chamber of commerce. These terms shall be submitted to arbitration in the English language before a sole arbitration to take place in Abuja.

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